This Week Wednesday 5 October – Hybrid Lunch Meeting

2022-23 Vocational Service Award

Guest Speaker Robert Pradolin, Housing Advocate

Venue No35 Sofitel & ZOOM

Time/Venue: 12.30 for 12.50-1400 - Lunch - @ Sofitel No35 and Zoom

Price $53 (2 course lunch @ No35) / $10 Zoom only online access 


Chair Helen Moylan

The Rotary Melbourne Vocational Service award has been presented annually by the Club since 1964 to acknowledge the importance and value of vocation in Rotary.  It is given to a resident of Victoria who has not only achieved excellence in their vocation but used those skills to go above and beyond to make a significant contribution to the community.

This year the award will be presented to Robert Pradolin, founder of Housing All Australians and Co-Founder and Executive Director Quipex Pty Ltd. Robert has been active in the property industry for 30 years, from land subdivisions and medium density housing through to high-rise, mixed use apartment complexes.  His understanding of the drivers of housing affordability and the importance of housing for all - rich and poor - has ignited a passion to drive change and informed his work to increase awareness that "housing for all", rich or poor, is essential economic infrastructure, underpinning Australia's prospects for stable, long term economic prosperity.


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