Last week's evening conversation 12 October 2022


An Immersive experience of Gin

This month’s evening conversation we had the pleasure of hearing from Suman Dahal, Director / Co-Founder, Bright Night Gin speaking on ‘Introducing Award-winning Bright Night Gin’.

Co-founder of the Bright Night Gin distillery, Suman Dahal gave an entertaining and informative presentation on the history of gin, how it is made and how its flavour is influenced with the addition of a wide variety of botanicals and other flavours. 

The Bright Night Gin Brand was launched in 2020 when he was offered the opportunity to get involved by award winning distiller Damian Mackey’s.  Suman didn’t hesitate to jump in. He now heads the branding, sales and marketing of Bright Night Gin and works to build the brand and promote Bright Night Gin in Australia and around the world.

Those attending were invited to join Suman in tasting the product at the conclusion of the presentation.  You can visualise the experience by viewing the recording of his presentation on Rotary Melbourne’s YouTube channel.  Just click this link:


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