Last week's evening conversation 7 December 2022


'TLC For Kids Digital Distraction App.'

Rotary Melbourne's evening conversation was held at the Lyceum Club on 7 December. Last week's guest speaker was Tim Conolan AM from TLC for Kids. TLC for Kids provides relief and distraction to sick children and their families going through stressful and traumatic situations. 

TLC for Kids helps whole families, including siblings. There are no waiting lists, no restrictive criteria and no service limits on the quantity.

Please see below TLC for Kids four services:

  1. The Rapid TLC service actions urgent requests made by healthcare professionals who have identified a child or family needing rapid help. This could be financial assistance or a specific item, the services provide practical and emotional relief to families and children when they need it the most.
  2. The TLC Distraction Box is a therapeutic kit that is used by healthcare professionals to distract and comfort children during painful procedures or medical examinations. It successfully distracts children and reduces fear and anxiety.
  3. The TLC Ambulance provides children in palliative care a special memory in a treasured destination with their families, only possible due to the medical care provided by volunteer paramedics. The child chooses the destination which could be to visit a loved one or go to the zoo.
  4. The Digital Distraction App functions much like the TLC Distraction Box but is fully digital and accessible anywhere at any time. The app provides distracting play making a positive experience for children going through a medical exam or procedure. To use the app simply visit from any web browser like Safari or Chrome from any device (this is not an the app stores yet).

TLC for Kids is hoping to expand the Digital Distraction App and develop its current marketing strategy. For the Digital Distraction App to continue and expand its reach, there is a need to continually invest in game development, promotional marketing and communication with game users and healthcare professionals. Funding will ensure the project continues to be at the forefront of digital distraction and help improve children's and their families mental health and well-being. It is TLC for Kids’ aim that the Digital Distraction App gives “anytime, anywhere distraction’ to those who need it the most.

TLC for Kids would like to invite anyone who is interested in helping expand the Digital Distraction App to reach out to them. Their goal is to reach not just sick children but anyone who needs some “time out” to improve their mental health and well-being. Contact them at

Next year is TLC for Kid's 25th year anniversary, to celebrate they are holding a Gala Dinner on Saturday, 20th May 2023 at The Plaza Ballroom. Tickets are $250 p/person and tables of 10 are available. It will be a night that recognises their profound impact on the community. You can buy your tickets by visiting

The video of the full meeting can be viewed by Clicking:


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