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We shall not let these vulnerable children down, especially this difficult year!

With the cancellation of the 2020 Bicycle Network Around the Bay Bike Ride, the Around the Bay committee of Rotary Melbourne believes that it is extremely important that Rotary redirects its 2020 project into maintaining its fundraising for the Learning for Life program.

Please make a donation for the Learning for Life program, by clicking on the donate button below.

In this pandemic year, children from disadvantaged schools have suffered even more with their parents’ loss of income whilst they have had to home-school, very often without access to electronic devices available to their peers.
Rotary Melbourne is now committed to raise funds of at least $25,000 for the The Smith Family Learning for Life Program this year.

Buy your tickets via the Try Booking Link https://www.trybooking.com/BKQGZ 

We have created one of the three events needed to raise the $25,000!   - Download the flyer and send this to your contacts and colleagues



The Raffle of the $2,000 bike voucher has commenced through TryBooking  with a few $20 tickets already sold.  We need you and your family and colleagues to be aware of this special Raffle please.  The date of the draw will now be Wednesday, 30 September.

For the Silent Auction in COVID-19 times, we are seeking significant donations of items for bidding.  Again this is where we need your support. Have you or someone you know, an item that will create terrific, frenetic bidding as this Silent Auction is created online.  Our PP Kevin Sheehan has agreed to try his skills at Zoom auctions! 

The Silent Auction will commence via Bulletin on Monday 14 September (Dorothy Gilmour) with results declared on Wednesday, 30 September.

The design of the Special Riders’ Challenge event for November will be provided when available via Bulletin to bring Members up to speed!   Watch this Space!

Message from The Smith Family

  "......Children growing up in poverty already face huge challenges at school.  During this COVID-19 pandemic, these challenges have become even harder for children who may already be behind at school and isolated.  These children need extra support to keep up with their classmates, so they don't fall behind at school.

We are very aware that the impact of this crisis will be most keenly felt by those who are most vulnerable.  And we don't intend stopping our support.  We'll continue to stand by children in need as the months and years go by, right till they finish their schooling."

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