My Rotary Story - Deb Yin Foo

When I joined Rotary, retirement for me was a long while off, 14 years in fact.  At the time, I wasn’t looking to join Rotary.  However, I was looking for something different to my then Corporate life that allowed me to become more involved with the community whilst enjoying the fellowship that Rotary does so well.  I was introduced to Rotary by a friend who was passionate about the projects, diverse membership and fellowship that the club offered.  The projects involving disease prevention, clean water and sanitation in isolated communities, health issues such as polio prevention and eradication and education to underprivileged groups caught my eye.  These were areas that I had little or no experience in at the community level. 


I joined Rotary with the intention of being involved in the community whilst still working and Rotary provided me an opportunity to give back to the community in a way that also utilized my skills so that my contribution was meaningful, useful and beneficial.  I started with Rotary very slowly and this enabled me to work and understand Rotary so I could contribute at a higher level once I retired.  Joining Rotary towards the end of my career provided a seamless transition into retirement by providing an avenue to continue to contribute to the community and be useful.  Projects like SecondBite, End Hepatitis Now and Around the Bay sat neatly alongside my work and allowed me to contribute without too much disruption. 


Fellowship is a big part of Ro

tary for me, not only for the camaraderie but meeting interesting people from so many different business and professional backgrounds and hearing of their experiences and learning from my fellow Rotarians. One can only benefit and be inspired by so many great people who selflessly do their bit to help others.  There’s something for everyone, you just have to look for it.  If you can’t find it, there’s the opportunity to try something different learn a new skill and make a difference!!

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