Edward Tudor, founding Executive Director of the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) was the 2018/19 recipient of RCM’s Vocational Service Award, presented at the Club’s luncheon meeting on Wednesday 12 September.
A highlight of the meeting was the presence of past Vocational Service Awardees,  Gareth Andrews, Mukesh Haikerwal, Francis Macnab, Bruce Parker, past member Margaret Leggatt and current Member Susan Barton.
After receiving the Award from RCM President, Robert Fisher, Edward’s inspirational address told us about the progress MITS is making in its 4th year of operation.  He spoke about how he and his Board grappled with and overcame the early challenges they faced in mobilising support and funding for the School, and the importance of focussing on the needs of the School’s indigenous students and their families above all else.
We heard of the successes and what MITS has learned from the young people who were unable to continue the educational journey they began at MITS.  While the initial drop out rate of 25% was expected, it is pleasing to know that MITS’ drop out rate has now dropped to less than 5%. 
Edward also painted a positive picture of the engagement of MITS and their students in the local community, with Richmond Football Club, front and centre as the host venue of the school.  MITS is expecting to play an even larger role in the Richmond community and plans to expand its residential facilities for indigenous students placed in other host schools after their initial year at MITS.   
Note:  Thanks and appreciation was given to our own Deborah Seifert who was a main contributor in the initial setup of seed funding for MITS.

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