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Rotary Safe Families

Rotary Safe Families is one of the Rotary 100 Year Celebration projects the Rotary Club of Melbourne has commenced  “rolling out” to Rotary Clubs and community organisations.

Rotary Safe Families was created in response to the alarming fact one woman a week is murdered by her partner or ex-partner in Australia. Further, the Australian Police get called to a domestic violence incident every 2 minutes, or 657 times per day.  Elder Abuse is tragically under-reported and alarmingly mostly perpetrated by the victim's own family member.

This preventative program aims to provide Rotarians who participate in the Workshop program, the “tools” to be able to identify, safely “call out”, and/or refer to one of the many support agencies in Australia working with victims of family violence and elder abuse.

We believe it is our responsibility as Rotarians and Australian citizens to be informed and part of the solution to ending family violence and elder abuse in our communities. We must not avoid this topic because we feel helpless or believe that it doesn’t happen to people we know.

This workshop initiative will assist participating Rotarians to be part of the solution and to spread the message ‘NO’ to Family Violence across your community, your Club and throughout Australia.

There is the opportunity for Rotarians and Clubs to become “champions” of the Rotary Safe Families in their area. A special information pack has been developed along with facilitator notes, comprehensive manual, wallet cards, overheads and videos.

Our specifically designed toolkit provides you with practical safe methods of what actions we need to take to prevent this violence from occurring in the first place and suggestions on how to support someone you know who may be a victim of family violence or elder abuse.

To find out more and become a part of the program contact Dorothy Gilmour at    You can be informed and "PART OF THE SOLUTION" to finding an end to family and elder abuse!

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