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DG Bronwyn Stephens announced:  "Six Rotarians are now going to be acknowledged with District Governor recognitions.  These Rotarians who have, via their outstanding service gone an extra mile this year and also particularly supported me personally. Not surprisingly they are going to be Smarties awards but not edible ones.

Robert Fisher - for arranging at very short notice End Polio promotion of the Melbourne Town Hall as a general public awareness campaign. How glorious to be able to have such contacts and achieve promotion of Rotary at that level. Robert achieves such connections within his vast Rotary Melbourne team also. With humility and quiet good manners he has turned the Rotary wheel progressively and for great good. It has been a delight this year enjoying conversations that help me understand what integrity and passion for good this Rotarian has. Thank you Robert for all you do in Rotary.”

Donations in Kind started 20+ years ago in a garage by an inspired man named Fred. As good ideas go it has spread. Bill took it on and it grew. DIK was in shed 40 at the Woolstores in Footscray for many years. We thought it was terrific then. A truck, a few clothes, a bit of medical gear, a few desks chairs and books and a few clubs sending some gear over seas. Then Darrel Leonard had an idea for physios to come for mobility aids etc for disadvantaged elderly and infirmed. That was OK.

Bob had the strategy to have DIK incorporated so that many Clubs could have input into the running of the store. Bays were sponsored. Hospitals were contacted and actively engaged to attempt to harness obsolete medical equipment. Schools also for their books and school equipment. Corporate relationships were pursued. The shed is full of brand new hospital equipment including beds, school furniture, linen, school uniforms, brand new clothing, stationery and books.

At this point in time DIK has 2 trucks and 2 forklifts, and is on average shipping a container a week to a developing country. This is thanks to the leadership and dedication of these 2 top blokes. The Change Champion recognition is shared at this time. It is Laurie Fisher and Bob Glindemann.”

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