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Around_the_Bay_Volunteer_search_2019.pdf   Check out the Flyer and spread the Invitation to your family and friends:

Let's all be active Volunteers on Sunday, 6 October for a few hours to support disadvantaged children being supported by the Smith Family!

Why be a Volunteer in the Around the Bay Bike Ride?  Rotary Melbourne donated $20,000 last year to the Smith Family for their "Learning for Life" Program.  Let's increase that amount this year.

Education has the power to change lives and break the cycle of disadvantage.
To improve a young person’s chances to create a better economic future for themselves, research tell us it’s important for children to be engaged in school and stay until Year 12 or equivalent. But sadly not every child has the same opportunities to achieve this.

The Smith Family's work focuses on Australian children in families and communities where we know it’s harder for them to fully participate in their education without some help.

Their Learning for Life program provides emotional, practical and financial support to help disadvantaged children and young people with their education. Our support starts in the early years of learning development and continues through primary and high school. Our programs help build skills, knowledge, motivation, self-belief and a network of positive relationships with parents, peers and significant others. This support increases a young person’s likelihood of remaining engaged with school, completing Year 12 and developing realistic and informed study and career pathways for life beyond the school gate.


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