Thank you PP Robert for providing this excellent news and achievement:

"Some months ago I was authorised by the Board to apply for us to become a ‘Rotary Peacebuilder Club’. With acknowledgement to Past President Gabe Hau of Rotary E-Club, Bob Fels and Rob Helme, our application has been successful."

Robert wrote:  "... with the Rotary Action Group we can encourage others in their efforts to make the world a more peaceful place. I would mention that the only other Clubs in Australia that are designated as Peacebuilder Clubs are Rotary E-Club of Melbourne and Rotary Club of Sydney."

Read the attached for some history of Peacebuilding Clubs: RI Peace Timeline

Peacebuilder Clubs allow Rotarians to gather regularly and focus on peace, discuss peace action, and educate their community about Rotarian principles of peacebuilding. Peacebuilder Clubs establish peace projects and initiatives within Rotary clubs and districts that often involve bringing together local community members who may never have opportunities to meet otherwise.

Since the program was first introduced at the Toronto 2018 Convention, Peacebuilder Clubs have formed in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Serbia and throughout the United States. Rotarians understand how fellowship through Rotary is a force for good and positive change in our world.

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