Do we ever stop to think about the challenges in finding affordable housing of a good standard for the long term homeless? Furthermore, when an affordable place is secured do we think about how they manage with the task of making that place a home? Securing items like a kettle, a toaster, a warm doona, pots and pans, plates and cups. Bath towels, a broom a dustpan? Everyday necessities that are not luxuries, but essential items that make a house a home helping to restore a sense of dignity.

Rotary’s ‘Make a House a Home’ project provides Launch Housing with kits of around 60 essential items. The kits are packed by Rotary Melbourne volunteers and are then delivered to volunteers at the Launch Housing offices. From there they are delivered to their clients as part of the transition support into permanent housing. Rotary Melbourne’s Richard Parker, James Pullar and Chris Wang are the project leaders of the “Make a House a Home” Project.

It is important to note that the items in the kits are not second hand, they are new items for a new start. Each kit costs around $240. It is low cost but not cheap and nasty. The project is all about helping to make and sustain the transition of the homeless back into permanent housing. 

It is important for them to feel a sense of pride in their home and the sense that people care. That is why the project was named “Make a house a Home”.

Six of these kits featured at the opening of the transportable unit project between Launch and the state government. In the leadup to the opening Rotary Melbourne was asked if there was any chance that dog kennels could be provided as three of the residents had dogs. Richard, James and Chris decided that they could, so kennels were purchased from Bunnings much to the delight of Launch Housing.

Pictured below first from left is Richard Parker delivering a kit. In the next picture we see Past President Chris Wang & Allan Wang putting the kits together at Chris's warehouse. 

Delivering a kit

Note the kennel we provided which was one of 3 kennels from Bunnings!

Feedback provided by recipients of these kits, comments from clients and case workers:

“Single mother with children expressed her gratitude. Even the towels were an immediate relief as they hadn’t had any to use since moving in.” – Worker

“Client was very excited and said that he would never have dreamed of being able to buy such nice quality items for his home.” – Worker

“Thank you I had lost hope that people could help like this.” – Client

“The selection of home making goods are great. They have allowed me to settle in, more easily. The simple things, like a kettle and toaster, bedding, towels, etc. Just wonderful! Please pass on my sincere thanks for the assistance provided.” – Client

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