Welcome to Rotary Safe Families Program

Rotary Safe Families is an initiative of Rotary Melbourne and is providing a lasting legacy that propels Rotary into the next century of service.  The Project is an official Rotary 100 Year Celebration project.


Rotary Safe Families has been created by two Rotarians who want to make a positive difference to the world by the prevention of family violence in particular violence against women and their children and elder abuse.

Dorothy Gilmour

Dorothy has vast experience and professional, academic history in Social Sciences including human behaviours and challenges of specialised groups.  

Her main practice was in the area of trauma, loss, grief, mediation and suicide prevention for individuals, parents and families and included debriefing after a critical incident in workplaces and post community disasters.  Her services included years of University lecturing in Masters programmes of Psychology, Social Science and Family Therapy.

Dorothy remains an advocate for social justice and fairness for those less fortunate.  She is determined for everyday people to be part of the solution in the prevention of family violence and elder abuse across the world.  Dorothy believes that we must not rely on Police and social services to manage this epidemic of violence: 'We must make changes now we must ensure our children and grandchildren do not perpetrate this lack of respect for humanity.'

As a passionate Rotarian,  Editor of Bulletin and 'champion' of Rotary Safe Families for Rotary Melbourne, Dorothy is known for her: "Onwards and Upwards!"


Mary Barry

Mary Barry is a CEO with over 20 years’ experience across a number of sectors including health and aged care, emergency services and family violence.   Having heard many heart wrenching stories of violence  particularly against women (and their children) and the elderly, Mary is passionate about creating a better world where women, men, boys and girls can live free from the fear of violence, particularly from those who they should be able to trust and from those who are supposed to love them.

Mary is a Past President of Rotary Melbourne, Chair of the Community Welfare Committee, District 9800 Vocational Service Chair and Chair of the Host Organising Committee for the Rotary 2023 (International) Convention Melbourne.  Mary has worked in partnership with Dorothy to create the Rotary Safe Families program and is confident that by working together we can all be part of the solution in preventing violence against women and their children and the elderly in our community.

We have created two films and a message from Victoria Police for you to access, download and use as a “tool” to stem the flow, and for prevention of family violence in particular violence against women, its impact on our children and abuse of our elderly.
                                             You can create a safer world for women and children

                                             You can be part of the solution to family violence

 Our mission:  For everyone to be equipped to: “Identify”, “Be Informed”, “Support in Prevention”, “Make Referral”

 These films showcase what you need to know to stem the flow of violence against women, children and the elderly in our community.

To view Rotary Safe Families Films, tap the following film names:

1.   Family Violence 

2.   Elder Abuse   

3.   Victoria Police Message     (Victoria Police Ass. Commissioner for Family Violence, Dean McWhirter who leads Victoria Police's campaign against family violence.)         

Manual and Toolkit

Rotary Safe Families Program (Films, Rotary Safe Families Manual and Toolkit) has been created for your use in diverse ways:

  • Rotary meeting
  • Fund raiser on Prevention of Family Violence/Elder Abuse and donation to a relevant support organisation
  • Your workplace
  • Your community and more

Please download and read our attached Rotary Safe Families Manual and Toolkit for your detailed information of understanding and prevention Family Violence:

Rotary Safe Families Manual.pdf

Rotary Safe Familes Tool Kit.pdf

            Thank you for now being Part of the Solution to Prevent Family Violence, its impact on our Children and Elder Abuse

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