Congratulations President Marion Macleod

Changeover 2020

Rotary Melbourne in 2020 has created a history making Changeover event.  In 99 years, this Changeover had everything from fellowship, friendship, smiles, traditions, awards but all from the comfort of our homes.  

The online Changeover applauded PP Kevin Sheehan for fantastic, creative leadership into a world of COVID-19, one of the world's most difficult periods, and the induction of President Marion Macleod who will lead us into our 100th Year of Rotary Melbourne with the continuing surreal impact of COVID-19. 


'The story of Rotary will be written again and again.' - Paul Harris

(One of President Marion's pertinent quotes for the night)

If you missed out on the changeover you can watch it on YouTube by clicking on the following link:

Congratulations and welcome to Rotary Melbourne's 2020/2021 President Marion Macleod and partner Michael Harvey 


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