Rotary SAFE Families is privileged to have endorsement from the following Rotary Clubs in Australia:

  • Rotary Ballina on Richmond, NSW
  • Rotary Southbank
  • Rotary Lavington, NSW
  • Rotary Wyndham
  • Rotary Lilydale
  • Rotary Box Hill
  • Rotary Keilor
  • Rotary Melbourne Central
  • Rotary Yarraville
  • Brighton North Rotary

These Clubs promote Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere by endorsing and showcasing simple primary prevention of the SAFE Families: "3 RRR's":

  1. Recognise the signs of abuse
  2. Raise your concerns safely with victim
  3. Refer victim to appropriate support agency or "000"

How about you or your Club becoming an Ambassador Club?  It costs nothing.  You have access to all SAFE Families promotions, films and logos.  It is a "win win" for preventing abuse in Australia and you and your Club.

Become part of this "Collective Voice" in Australia - "Abuse is NOT the Norm"

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