Prof John Thwaites presentation


We were privileged to receive a clear and concise presentation from John Thwaites on Transforming Australia, and our progress as a country towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development goals.

He spoke about the importance of setting targets and reminded us of the 17 Sustainability Goals that Australia has signed up to.

There are 56 indicators and Australia is only on track for 12 of those. We are strong on health and education, but very poor on climate, where greenhouse emissions have only declined marginally since 2000.

The major transformations required include

  • Inclusive growth that reduces inequality
  • Transform from disease care to healthcare and wellbeing for all
  • Change to clean and green energy and industry
  • Provide food that promotes healthy diets and reduces food waste
  • Transform towards well planned, green, fair and smart cities
  • Ensure quality education and skills for all and realise the benefits of the digital revolution.

John's presentation provoked a lot of interest and many more questions were asked than there was time to answer.

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