Claire Moore's Rotary Environmental Sustainability Award

President Reg, his partner Sue and Peter Berg at the weekend visited Claire Moore the recipient of the inaugural 2020-21 Environmental Sustainability Award to present Claire with the Award Citation. Claire lives at Kyneton on The Good Life Farm with her partner Paul and three young children. On the farm Claire continues to be active in breeding hygienic queen bees and with Paul supplies free range eggs to four Farmers Markets in the area as well as a number of retail outlets.

Claire received the ES Award for her work with bee hives and for Sweet Justice, the social enterprise which she founded and is currently CEO of. Sweet Justice teaches beekeeping to the young male detainees at the Malmsbury, Beechworth and Parkville Justice Centres. Covid restrictions still apply to the Malmsbury and Parkville centres which limits work in the short term but that work continues at Beechworth.

While Covid restrictions have delayed the start-up operation at Sweet Justice where young detainees bottle and label jars of honey for sale, Claire and Paul are looking at opportunities to expand the operations in both beekeeping and Sweet Justice with a number of Board positions to be filled.

Our Past President, Quin Scalzo is providing mentoring to Claire and her colleagues and Claire can foresee opportunities arising where Rotarians can be of further assistance.

This is one of two Maremma Sheepdogs on the farm. She watches over the

1000 Rhode Island Red chooks and the sheep on The Good Life Farm, Kyneton.

In the background you will see 2 caravans and large shed which are 

the hens roosting and egg laying housing.

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