The Axle Award

The Axle Award

A Trophy in the form of an axle to represent the hub of the Rotary Wheel was inaugurated in 2004 by PP Bob Glindemann.  This award is voted upon by the Board and is given to a Rotarian who, during the Rotary year, has given that little bit extra in “Service above Self” and is presented as the “Vice-Presidents Encouragement Award" or “Axle Award”.

Recipients of the Axle Award:

2004              J D (John) Tozer

2005              P (Peter) Rogers

2006              Q (Quin) Scalzo

2007              T (Trevor) Nink

2008              C E (Cynthia) Edgell

2009              D A (David) Dunoon

2010              J A (James) Donnelly

2011              R L (Roger) Hersey

2012              A B (Tony) Greenwood

2013              C A (Cheryl) Lacey

2014              Not Awarded

2015              T W (Tom) Crampton

2016              I J (Ian) Evans

2017              B J (Bernie) McIntosh

2018              R N (Reg) Smith

2019              J (Jim) Orchard

2020              M (Mark) Pinoli

2021              S M (Sarah) Macleod Bourke

2022              B I (Iqbal) Reta

2023              M (Marg) Leser


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