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Volunteers do a tremendous job in the community, providing their time, effort and personal commitment to help others.


If you are interested in volunteering send an email to volunteering@rotaryclubofmelbourne.org.au

Recently an update was published in the Club's Bulletin asking for volunteers for this years Around the Bay Event. If you would like to join #TeamRotary this year send an email with your details.

Here is what Jim, our volunteer coordinator, had to say:


As a past supporter of the Around the Bay bike event and the Rotary fund raising activities for The Smith Family's Learning for Life program I am contacting you again regarding the 2020 event.

Bicycle Network are planning for the ride to occur, subject to approval from councils and state government, on October 11th. Please put this date in your calendar and if you are able to confirm your ability and willingness to assist us again please let me know. One point to note is that this is a week later than in prior years so a week after the start of daylight savings.

Obviously there is some uncertainty around the impact of Covid-19 on the ride with some potential for the event to be postponed or even cancelled. This would be a blow to The Smith Family and the Learning for Life program as the Around the Bay event is a major fundraising event. I also understand that it may be difficult for volunteers to be able to commit without knowing the trajectory of the health crisis. At this stage we are all, at best, tentative participants.

Assuming the event does take place, please note:

  • Ensure your Working with Children status is up to date
  • Children between 15 and 18 are able to serve as route marshals if they are with an adult. This could be an opportunity to work with children or grandchildren perhaps?
  • The Route for 2020 is broadly the same as 2019 but we will have both the 100 km and 50 km riders in our area through Port Melbourne and Williamstown via the Westgate bridge.
  • Overall duration of route marshall duties will not change significantly.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your past support for the event and The Smith Family - I hope you will be able to volunteer again this year.

Jim Orchard

E:  volunteering@rotaryclubofmelbourne.org.au



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