What would I be doing?

Each member contributes their time and skills working on projects as part of a team. Your skills may include leadership, project management, organisation and people management, creativity and innovation, communication, technology skills – and most useful of all, a desire to lend a hand.

Projects vary from small to very large depending on the club’s resources and availability of members. Even small projects can have significant benefits to our community. For example:

Providing training for young people in problem solving techniques, leadership skills and stress management to help them cope with a world of great expectations coupled with high unemployment

Involvement in projects which beautify or conserve our community’s environment, demonstrating our commitment to future generations

Assisting those less able to cope in our society due to temporary or permanent disadvantages, showing compassion and working to prevent a “them and us” attitude which can divide our society

Often these projects require small amounts of time and money and yet they enrich the lives of many in our local communities. Rotarians believe it is important to use our talents to bridge the gap between those with less than ourselves, to bind our community together and create common goals and aspirations for a better society.

Larger projects may be initiated which fund the work of professionals to perform the tasks required to assist those in need both locally and internationally. Rotarians are facilitators; we provide the will to make things happen and then we use our energy and skills to ensure the success of the project. Sometimes this requires the raising of funds through a variety of means such as:

  • Organisation of major events
  • Recruitment of sponsors and benefactors
  • Coordination of available grants and government funds

Each club determines its own focus and the members agree on the projects to be undertaken. You will be able to contribute your specific skills and talents to these projects and thereby achieve success as a member of the team.

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