The Rotary Club of Melbourne Inc. has established a formal structure for 'Communities that Care', to connect young people to their communities. Research has shown that relationships and connectedness are vital for positive life outcomes and to strengthen social fabric.

Rotary Club of Melbourne Inc. is proudly associated with:

  •     Rebuilding efforts in East Timor
  •     Donations In Kind
  •     Very Special Kids
  •     Homeground Alliance - Homlessness Initiative
  •     Women's Subscription Enterprise
  •     Melanesian Language Program in PNG
  •     International House, University of Melbourne
  •     Australians Against Child Abuse
  •     Youth Expo
  •     Health Projects Worldwide such as Polio Plus
  •     Communities that Care
  •     Operation Livewire
  •     Corporate Careers Seminars
  •     Youth Exchange
  •     Science Summer Schools