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If you know of persons who may qualify for this award, please discuss this with Reg Smith, Iqbal Reta, Cynthia Edgell or other members of the Vocational Service Committee.

In 2018, the Awards are expected to be presented in May and Awardees briefly address the Club on their experiences and aspirations.

The following criteria are considered when deciding the successful recipient:

  • candidate must be between 18 and 26 years of age;
  • candidate must have demonstrated outstanding success in vocational training, academic, sporting, artistic or business pursuits;
  • candidate must have also made a significant contribution in the form of service to the community.

Expressions of interest are called for by the 28th February 2018Enquiries should be directed to the Rotary Club of Melbourne Vocational Service Committee.

Nominations may be made by email to the Vocational Service Committee ( or preferably through the Club website by Clicking here.

They should include a CV, an outline of educational and vocational achievements, details of community service activities, and be supported by a nominator and referees who can attest to the merit of these achievements.

To access RCM website please click on the hyperlink provided below:

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