"A key focus of Western Chances is to provide support for those young people who have high academic results and associated potential to achieve professional career status.


The recipient, of what is hoped to be the inaugural Helping Hand Award ($5,000) for educational expenses is Selam* who has overcome significant trauma to be now studying her Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.   It is her goal to complete post graduate studies and become an Electrical Engineer, something she has wanted to do since she was very young . The award will enable Selam to complete the second year of her Undergraduate Degree.


RCM and Western Chances are also working co-operatively to support Selam’s ultimate full time transition into the workforce by using the skills and resources of RCM Rotarians beyond a financial grant.


To date we have been able to achieve:

  • Part Time Employment for Selam with Programmed Electrical Technologies where she will gain work experience and specific mentoring relevant to the subjects she is completing at university;
  • Pro Bono Dental Health support; and
  • Involvement with Rotary’s International Women’s Day Breakfast.


Selam’s story is an amazing journey of courage and persistence to achieve a dream and we hope in the near future she will be able to speak at a Club meeting."


*Name changed for security

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