The East Timor Roofing operation commenced in 2000 and has operated profitability continuously through to 2018 with many individuals having contributed their efforts along the way


Shares in Australian Holding Company:        

                  Rotary Club of Doncaster 45%

                  Rotary Club of Melbourne 45%

                  Rotary Club of Lilydale 10%


It is registered as a Pty Ltd company in East Timor; registered for tax purposes in East Timor and a subsidiary of an Australian company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity.  The financial results of the company are audited by a Registered Australian Auditor


Directors are representatives of the three Rotary Clubs.   

Doncaster:  Frank Evans- Chairman; Bruce Parker; Ern Dawes

Melbourne: Peter Manger; Bob Glindemann; Richard Fowler               

Lilydale:     Tim Hewitt


The machinery which has been shipped to East Timor includes:

  • Three corrugated rolling lines;
  • Two purlin rolling machines;
  • Tank forming machines;
  • Folding machines.
  • Maintenance shop

 This has been at a cost of A$850,000 but now has a replacement value of approx. A$1,300,000


The products manufactured using this machinery, include:

  • Corrugated Iron
  • Clip lock flat style roofing
  • Water tanks
  • Grain Silos
  • Roof trusses
  • Tool boxes


Since 2004,  the operations have been totally self-supporting, without any contributions having to be made by any Rotary club and all surplus funds have been donated to East Timor communities as follows:


                  Schools built or restored                             355,000

                  Water projects                                           127,000                 

                  Water Tanks                                                89,000

                  Grain Silos for subsistence farmers 1000      186,000

                  Roofs                                                        345,000

                  Clinics                                                       121,000

                  Student Scholarships                                   60,000

                  DIK Freight                                                 27,000

                  Support for Dili DIK Office                            27,000


 TOTAL Value of Donations by ETR in excess of            A$1,500,000


The day to day management is provided by Chairman Frank Evans, which includes Board organisation, dealings with external payments/counter signing;

Peter Manger, manages the engineering of structures.

Bob Glindemann, who is known as “Salesman Extraordinaire” with his many Rotary contacts has been able to secure many inquiries for product.

Richard Fowler, controls overall administration, profitability, steel ordering, financial control, procedures, costing of base products, margins, and has 24/7 availability.

Local factory manager, Norm Bruce, Ross Dalton Trainer Assistant and Tomas Alves, Manager, all retired April 2018.


The operation will be handed over to Dom Bosco in the next weeks for US$1 plus loans to cover cash and stock on hand repayable from future surplus funds if any.


Surplus cash at handover date will be paid as a dividend to the Holding company for the exclusive benefit of East Timor communities and will be spent on product which emanates from the roofing operation.


Thanks also to Michael Selth who has been very helpful with legal matters.


This is the end of an era after some 18 years of involvement.

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