"There are four schools located in areas of Phnom Penh earmarked for demolition. One "Aziza school and buildings housed by families was demolished last June 2017; half of the families and students have relocated close to an alternative rented school. The computers are located at the other three. 

This project is a good example of a focused grass roots community project where there are direct benefits to the students but also indirect benefits going forward to the families and the wider community. I have also received all the supporting invoices and documentation for the purchases according to the budget.

Following is an extract of further information received from Delphine at EYC in relation to this project:  'I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for supporting Empowering Youth Cambodia (EYC) with your CSDI contribution and through the Rotary Club in Melbourne.  Your help is making a difference!'


Regarding the computer project so far, we have purchased all equipment approved as per budget headline “Capacity computer for four computer labs in EYC schools” (7 desktops, 1 LCD project and 1 laptop).   We also have used some of the money under “cost of upscale training…” to support one teacher in each computer lab. Regarding the other budget line, “Training",  we will allocate this to a training course that will take place in July and August.

The training will be about some of the soft skills that are very much needed for our computer teachers to better teach our students.  In my opinion, our current teachers have the technical skills required to teach the level of IT we need in our schools (typing, microsoft office software, internet, and for the older students - video editing, photoshop, and some simple apps).   What they really lack are the personal,  self confidence and soft skills necessary for being a good teacher, including teaching and communication skills. We have found two trainers who can provide those particular skills and we will contract them end of June to commence the course in July.“

Cheers David Hayes

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