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This year’s showcasing of Rotary at the Breakfast at Crown Palladium saw 1,000 plus guests including Year 12 school students from 20 public and private Melbourne and rural schools, excited to hear the personal debate and discussion from Panellists, Andy Penn, Husna Pasha, Deborah Glass, Adam Fennessy and Emma Welsh.  They provided a diverse and lively discussion from industry, Government, media and finance perspectives.


Stephen Quartermain generously provided his time to MC the Breakfast.  Ali Moore and the Panellists also kindly provided their knowledge and personal thoughts to ensure a lively debate.  The discussion included some examples of how we (both men and women) need to have courage and feel empowered to have public conversations about what is not appropriate “blokiness” and this included the importance for men to have the courage to reflect and share appropriateness with other men.


Andy Penn, CEO of Telstra provided a very interesting insight into Telstra’s own support and respect for violence free families.  He said that Telstra gives time off and support for an employee affected by family violence but this also included an employee who might have been the perpetrator of family violence. By providing time off, the perpetrator was able to use this time to receive mandatory psychological help and time for Court proceedings,  in the hope that the perpetrator could turn his/her life around to never violate again.


It was wonderful to see the short video of thanks from Zerina Lormic who was awarded at the 2014 WIR Breakfast,  the first Women in Science Fellowship Award.   Zerina, who has dual qualifications in nursing and basic science, thanked Women in Rotary for enabling her to forge a career as a ‘nurse scientist’.  That award was supported by the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Baker Foundation as a three year fellowship valued at over $300,000.


Kerry Kornhauser is to be congratulated once more for leading the Women in Rotary Breakfast for the 7th year.  Kerry was the motivator for a team of Rotarians, some from Rotary Club of Melbourne and Brighton North but many from other District 9800 Clubs aided by Volunteers, to create another successful, thought-provoking, inspirational morning.


Some of the feedback received from guests, including the 80% non-Rotarians, included:  “This was the best breakfast!”  “I loved the Panellists and the discussion!”    “Wow, Rotary rocks!” 

Kerry appears tireless in her capacity to collaborate and manage this big event for our Club but we need to increase our Club support in the future. 

Editor noted the following on Facebook:  Argentina - Ankara - Los Angeles – Delhi – Brunei – Lahore – Hyderabad -  Kuwait - Dhaka Cairo – Mumbai - South America - Canada ……. What do all these places have in common?   Rotarians from around the word recently posted their positive and inspirational support for International Women’s Day 2018!


Below is a message sent from Kerry to the Breakfast Team and Volunteers:

"Our IWD Breakfast has been coined  “best ever”! You all helped to bring this event together, for which I congratulate you. It ran without a hitch, which is no easy feat. The raffle was a great success, lots of tickets sold, counted and sorted … The market place was buzzing with excitement.

The Panel … greeted and escorted… The Green Room…lost none of the panel… great achievement. Everyone was seated. Videos and Slides all appeared in the correct order.  The Panel discussion was very interesting and refreshingly different from previous years – vibrant and engaging.

When I have the results for the funds I will let you know, just waiting for all our costs to come in, over the next few days. So, of course no word yet on what we have raised or will be giving to the charities.  Survey Monkey results will be out in the next few days, that will give us a real snapshot of the event … watch this space.

Thank you all again for your support,  it would not have been possible without your efforts.

Kerry Kornhauser OAM

Assistant Governor, Rotary District 9800
Chair,  Women in Rotary"

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