In April 2021, Rotary marks a major point in our history of community service and achievement. The energy of 2 Rotarians from the RC of Halifax and Calgary led to the chartering of Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland and Sydney. Much is being planned to create a legacy and events that will truly reflect what we represent.

Much has been planned and many things already are underway. Here are some highlights:

1.      An ambitious $30million youth vaccination program across 9 Pacific nations under the banner "Give Every Child a Future" has been launched. Initiated by the 4 centenary clubs, RC Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland and Sydney, our partners are the Asian Development Bank and UNICEF. Soon we will invite Rotarians plus communities across many nations to participate, create scale and make a long lasting difference in the Pacific region. 

2.      The Canadians are coming! New and convivial links have been created with our charter clubs, Calgary and Halifax. Books have been exchanged and an invitation to send representatives has been warmly received. In addition to a re-enactment and celebration, they are also keen to participate in the inaugural Ralston-Davidson Golf Challenge Cup honouring the 2 Rotarians that got the ball rolling for us. 

3.      100 stories for 100 years.  What better way of capturing our history and reflecting on 100 years of achievement than an attractive book with a video and digital version that will inspire even great achievements.  And a great way to let the broader community know what we do and why they might want to participate.

4.      Schedules are being put in place for a Commemorative Stamp and Coin to be issued in 2021 by Australia Post and the Royal Mint.  Imagine this; stamps and coins with related merchandise that present the Rotary message across the nation during the centenary year. 

5.      End Trachoma is a project being adopted across Australian Districts that will lead into the centenary year. Supported strongly by RI President Elect Ian Riseley and  District Governors for several years ahead, this project has a clear focus on indigenous health.  A unique malaise to Australia, it is treatable and beatable by the time we achieve 100 years of Service.  How good will that legacy be?

6.      Save The Date! Wednesday 21st April 2021 is the anniversary of the first Rotary meeting in Australia and NZ and we aim to attract 1000+ Rotarians, Friends of Rotary and community leaders to a celebration.  They will meet the dignitaries and vice regal representatives that are already "pencilled in" for a Grand Event at a world class venue.  Technology will also enable participation from anywhere across the 2 nations in addition to a rolling program of face-to-face events in multiple locations.

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