This is achieved by the following:

  • Share ideas that they are passionate about whilst becoming informed about the diversity of our Club’s existing Projects and activities. This is a fantastic way for new members to find their way around our Club.  The committee consists of new and long standing members who have a deep understanding of the Club.
  • Test the logistics of a Project whilst applying the rigorous processing model of ‘Rotary Connects’. This method recognises if there is a genuine need for the Project, a suitable role for Rotary and then ensures that there is a Champion on board.  ‘Rotary Connects’ is a sound project sequence that has been fine-tuned by James Pullar and his team over the last ten years and provides the structure for success.
  • The “RCM Think Tank” provide a forum for considering and finding ways in which our Members are able to volunteer thus providing the support for a Project.


Our most recent Project to be explored by this committee, using the ‘Rotary Connects’ method, is ‘Bridging the Gap’, and we hope to see this exciting initiative, championed by Kerry Kornhauser, make successful strides forward.

Unlike the Horizons committee that progresses the agenda of the incoming President to refine and guide the strategy of Rotary, the “RCM Think Tank” encourages Projects to be successful and aligned within a defined strategy.

We would welcome any Member to be part of this Group.  We invite you to attend a meeting of the “RCM Think Tank” before joining this Committee.  We can be contacted via Marion Macleod (0419 135 099) or Cynthia Edgell (0407 982 292)


Below is the stated purpose of the “RCM Think Tank”

PURPOSE: The ‘RCM Think Tank’ is a forum where members can come to: -

  • share ideas that they are passionate about and learn about Rotary’s existing diverse projects;
  • have these ideas tested using Rotary Connects, to see if there is a suitable role for Rotary;
  • provide ways in which you can choose to volunteer to Rotary Club of Melbourne.


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